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Eat Dust is a Belgian denim brand based in Antwerp that is fueled by friendship and mutual interest. Eat Dust officially began life almost 7 years ago when Rob and Keith started the company out of their garage. They’d been friends for a few years before that and had pretty much been talking about doing something for themselves since the day they met. The guys chose the name Eat Dust over beers in their local bar and sketched-out their signature handlebar stitching on the back of a beer coaster, it was from that moment, Eat Dust really ‘kicked off’. Today it’s still just Rob and Keith running the company but thankfully they’ve also had a lot of friends help them out along the way. Eat Dust is not into making fashion, Eat Dust is about proper garments that will stand the test of time.

Keith. Photo: Jelle Keppens

Rob. Photo: Jelle Keppens

There has always been a natural bond between Eat Dust and Red Wing Shoes, based on mutual interests in quality, style, craftsmanship, materials, motorcycles, design, art, traveling, and work. We often see each other at different events in different places around the world. We usually meet at occasions at which fine drinks, nice food, loud music, and good times play an important role. It was at one such occasion that the first idea of a collaboration was born. Rob and Keith are long time Red Wing fans and have always had a special love for the Pecos style, so it was a natural decision to work together on a special Pecos boot. It was not long into the designing process that the decision was made to go with a two-tone red colored Pecos. Based on this idea, the Red Wing Shoe Company owned S.B Foot Tannery made the two special tanned leathers Oro-Russet Portage and Oro-Russet Abilene that now form the base of the Eat Dust x Red Wing Pecos, style #4327.

Don’t wait too long to get your Eat Dust x Red Wing Pecos, style #4327! This is a limited one-time production and only available at select locations.
2017-11-29 @ 08:46:15
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